Become a more conscious consumer – say no to plastic

Become a more conscious consumer – say no to plastic

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How to be a more conscious consumer

FACT: 1 trillion plastic bags are used world wide EACH YEAR
FACT: 1 million plastic drink bottles are sold EVERY MINUTE
FACT: 9 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean EACH YEAR
FACT: Approximately 200kg of plastic packaging is thrown out EACH YEAR

For me, the journey to going plastic free, being a more conscious consumer, upcycler & recycler and going vegan, all started the moment I moved to interstate. Over time, I have become more and more aware, and more curious about our individual impacts on this earth. I became interested in ways that I could go plastic free, waste free and be a more eco conscious individual. I began following activists on Instagram, such as @anitafromaustralia, @onemillionwomen, @earthlinged and @stylishlysustainable. I started watching documentaries such as “What the Health” “The True Cost”, and “A Plastic Ocean”, reading blogs and becoming educated. I began to wake up. Simply google “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” – it will make you cringe and will honestly blow your mind.

Growing up, my parents were never conscious consumers and I was definitely never raised to be “earth conscious”.  Looking back, my Mother would always come back from the grocery store with 20+ bags FULL of plastic wrapped items. Heck! Half our veggies and the groceries purchased were wrapped in plastic, taken OUT of the packaging and stored in freezer bags, some were opened and then later wrapped in glad wrap and others were stored in plastic containers. Thank goodness the occasional grocery bag was rescued and reused as a “bin liner” in the bathroom!  When I look back, I cringe! How could we be so careless!

Since becoming more consciously aware of my consumption of plastic, and it’s impact on the environment, I have started making simple changes to my day to day life. It takes a little while to adjust, I will be honest – but I am forever learning more tips and tricks to be a better consumer.

Simple tips and tricks to become a more conscious consumer, that you can start today:

  • Purchase a “keep cup” for your morning coffee
  • Use a refillable, reusable drink bottle
  • Ditch the straw!
  • When grocery shopping, take reusable shopping & produce bags
  • Choose to LEAVE plastic wrapped fruit & vegetables on the shelf!
  • Shop at zero waste bulk food stores such as The Source Bulk Foods or Goodies & Grains
  • Use vegan or beeswax wraps instead of gladwrap
  • When ordering takeaway, bring your own container
  • When visiting the park or the beach, collect 3 pieces of rubbish
  • Start making your own earth friendly, zero waste products
  • Lastly, refuse, reuse, recycle, or upcycle where ever possible

Want to do more? Sign a pledge !

Anytime you are out shopping for fresh produce & can’t buy an item you want because it’s wrapped in plastic, vent your frustration, take a photo, email it to and sign @1millionwomen’s pledge by heading to –

The National Geographic also have a really eye opening campaign on plastic. If you’d like to read it and sign the pledge head here ->


One million individuals, all taking a stand and saying NO to plastic can make a lasting impact.
Plastic sucks, and If you still don’t yet know the effects of microplastic on humans, animals and the environment- I encourage you to watch “A Plastic Ocean”.


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