Girl talk and menstrual cup struggles

LEARNING TO EFFECTIVELY INSERT YOUR NEW MENSTRUAL CUP #1 Figure out what “fold” is for you – This will help with the effective insertion of the cup into the vagina. #2 Squat – I find this the easiest way of inserting a menstrual  cup, as it opens the space and gives you more room to put Read More

Looking for the best alternative to a tampon? Try a medical grade menstrual cup!

Let’s talk about periods. Menstruation is the shedding of the uteral lining on a monthly basis. For most women, this can occur once per month lasting anywhere between 3 – 7 days over approximately 38 years (between ages 13-51). Put bluntly, that’s approximately 2,280 days, or 6.25 YEARS [1] of a woman’s life spent bleeding Read More

DIY plastic free alternative to cling wrap – How to Make Reusable Food Wraps

Plastic Free, Beeswax Food Wrap or Vegan Food Wrap DIY I absolutely love a good DIY project. Craft night with my cousin Jo is my go-to Friday activity and we get lots of joy scrolling through Pinterest to find ideas – especially since we are trying to be more conscious, minimal waste consumers, so I Read More

The fashion industry is out of control – the rise of discounts, disposables and the “throw away” mentality

The fashion industry is out of control – clothes in the 21st century are designed with disposability in mind, making consumers feel obliged to keep up with the “latest trends”. It’s no wonder that the fashion industry is copping flack from humanitarians over fast fashion and its excessive waste it creates and the impact it Read More

Can I recycle this? How to know what can & can’t be recycled

Recycling. It can be a confusing topic. Here are the do’s and don’t of the recycling world: RECYCLABLE Paper bags Junk mail Catalogs/magazines/newspapers Envelopes (stamps included!) Paper (dyed & undyed) Cardboard such as cereal boxes, shoe boxes, egg cartons & toilet/paper-towel rolls Fruit punnets Aluminum such as drink cans, foil (including disposable baking trays) Any Read More

Become a more conscious consumer – say no to plastic

FACT: 1 trillion plastic bags are used world wide EACH YEAR FACT: 1 million plastic drink bottles are sold EVERY MINUTE FACT: 9 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the ocean EACH YEAR FACT: Approximately 200kg of plastic packaging is thrown out EACH YEAR For me, the journey to going plastic free, being Read More